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  The current Executives consist of active practitioners, practicing Bioregulatory Medicine in their clinical jobs. Within the Board, they represent diverse background of conventional and complementary medicine, in order to bring a healthy perspective to the direction and goals of the Society.

Our Mandate

  To promote and educate about the therapeutic benefits of Bioregulatory Medicine and to advance this approach to healthcare delivery through mutual cooperation, education and interaction among its members and all subsidiary associations.

  At the CSBRM we support a wide variety of educational and networking events and provide a wealth of educational material. We also belong to an extended international network of academic teaching collaborations in a wide range of therapies offering education and training with recognized experts in their fields.

  As a national organization we were created for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge and acceptance of Bioregulatory Medicine in Canada.  To this end we have a broad approach of attracting members, an affiliate level which is open to all interested individuals, and a professional level which offers greater benefits to licensed health care practitioners. 

     The Canadian Society of Bioregulatory

Medicine (CSBRM) is an independent and

inclusive medical society that promotes

homotoxicology, homeopathy, and Bioregulatory

Medicine. Bioregulatory Medicine is the use of 

therapies which stimulates a positive response

from the body toward auto-regulation of physiological processes.

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